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man on roof making repairs OntarioEvery house needs to have a roof over its head as in is what protects the interior from the elements of the world, including rain, hail, snow, tree branches, baseballs, frisbees, bird droppings and more. If your roof is in poor condition, it could serve as a catalyst for leaks, as well as an incubator for mildew and mold that could take a toll on your health. As a matter of fact, even the tiniest roof line leak is enough to result in large-scale water issues among major home systems. Since Sarnia is profound with many of these issues, it is only fair for you to pick the best company that will take care of all the aforementioned roofing problems that are liable to happen, and that’s why Sarnia Pro Roofing ​is the most reliable and result-driven contractor for the job.

Our Roofing Company

Our company, Sarnia Pro Roofing, has been building as well as maintaining premier roofs for households and businesses across every area in Sarnia, ensuring our customers get to enjoy the best level of protection and comfort from the elements. 

The team boasts the most down-to-earth, dependable and trustworthy roofers that won’t only provide high-quality services for your house but also guarantee to exercise the best protocols to ensure your safety and ensure you leave with a huge, satisfactory smile on your face for many years to come. 

​Furthermore, we offer our customers the exact fair type of pricing as we quote them so that no room for doubts are left.

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    Learn More About Our Roofers

    Sarnia Pro Roofing offers a massive range of residential and commercial roofing services as well as roof repair, giving our clients as many options as they want, while also making sure that the job we get done pleases them the most. Some of the many services that we offer for our clients include: installing tile roofs shingles, metal roofs, flat roofs, solar panels and even patch up leaky roofs in case of emergencies.
    Our team boasts a sturdy roster of highly-trained, seasoned, and professionally sincere roofers, with each possessing the necessary tools capable of accomplishing any job assigned, including places that are usually harder to, as well as ensuring quality work and great attention to detail. As such, we also take great pride in consideration of our safety policy so that no passerby or a member of our team is adversely affected during our operation. You can count on our professional roofers to assist in helping you select the most appropriate roofing material that best fits your preference, budget, and practical requirements.
    new roof construction Ontario

    ​New Roof Construction

    A roof made from only the finest quality material is what adds value to a household. You can rest easy knowing that our company works with some of the finest manufacturers in the world in order to ensure our clients get only the most durable, and aesthetically-pleasing roofs that are warranty-assured. We are confident in our abilities as we have accumulated years of experience in installing residential and commercial roofs. We also possess both the skills and tools to give you a roof that will stand the test of time. We’ll install several types of roofs, including flat roofs, metal roofs, shingle roofs and more. To procure more information about our roof installation services, contact us right away.
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    Any house deserves a proper roofing system made from the sturdiest and enduring material in order to protect the inside of your house from the forces of nature, especially during extreme sweltering, cold and rainy conditions. And that’s why Sarnia Pro Roofing can give you a roof with robust structural integrity that can stand up against the most severe weather conditions and external forces that make life indoors a living nightmare. We’re also the right people to get in touch with for repair services in case your roof fell victim to roof leaks, wind and hail damage.
    Commercial roofing project in Ontario

    ​Commercial Roofing

    Whether you’re repairing a roof to your office building or restaurant or planning on opening up a new retail store, you can’t continue to carry out your daily business while the roof hanging over you is on the verge of collapsing, has sprung a leak or anything else. But, you’ll be elated to know that our team of roofers is fully equipped and able to handle such complex assignments for buildings of extraordinary scale. Although roofing systems are more complex than residential systems in that they require more time for installation. Luckily, our professional group of roofers are experienced, qualified, and equipped in installing the most appropriate system for your commercial structure.
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    Asphalt Shingle Roofing

    Among the many roofing options that are available, one of the most highly used and sought-after materials are ones made from asphalt shingles. And there are several reasons why this is the case, some of which include its attractiveness as available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, making it one of the most personalized options available. Another great takeaway from this material is that in spite of it being durable, where can last from 20 to 50 years, it is also quite affordable compared to other roofing materials. Fortunately, our team has handled asphalt shingle installations and repairs for quite some time now and are highly capable of delivering that desired final product that you’re looking for.
    Metal roof install road Ontario

    Metal Roofing

    Metal roofs are a commendable alternative to asphalt shingles or tiled roofs. This material is both durable as well as incredibly light. Not to mention, maintenance costs and requirements are quite lower on these types of roofs compared to others, which is a huge benefit for residential and commercial houses. This is the reason we bring this up is that our team here at Sarnia Pro Roofing is renowned for metal roofing construction and have provided overwhelmingly positive results to our clients. We are also dedicated to putting extreme attention to detail to metal roof systems in that we are second to none.
    roof repair in Ontario

    ​Roof Repair

    It is a known fact that all roots eventually succumbed to the forces of wear and tear over decades of exposure to natural elements such as freezing temperatures, ultraviolet rays, and water, the latter of which could devastate your roof and result in leaks and broken shingles. If nothing is done to take care of those leaks, it could seep into the structure of your household and perpetuate the risk of mildew and mold, causing a variety of adverse health effects on top of accounting for an expensive repair in the long run. Sarnia Pro Roofing​ is quick to respond to such issues and will rush right over to your location before it leads to any further damages and be sure to seal any of the leaking passages real tight.
    waterproofing work on roof Ontario


    If you think water leaks are a joke, you’d be surprised to know about the kind of damage that even a minor leak is capable of to your property. The only recourse to this is waterproofing which helps prevent rain and snow runoff, and also excess condensation and moisture, to help your house escape a slow, but catastrophic disaster. Our team of roofing professionals offers an incredible list of roof waterproofing coatings and systems that will provide your house or commercial plot with an extra layer of protection. Our experts will closely communicate with you to ensure you get only the most ideal and rewarding final product.
    shingle roofing sarnia

    Shingle Removal and Installation

    ​Despite the fact that asphalt shingles have an excellent life expectancy, and affordable price rate, and is easy to install, it can be complicated to install if one doesn’t have the right equipment and can also succumb to damage from strong winds and hail as well as sudden weather changes. But that’s why our team is the one that’s fully capable and also possessed the right equipment to remove shingles without further damaging the structure of your roof, like ice dams and roof vents. And since we care deeply about our customers, we make it our business to ensure that no trash, debris or waste gets left behind after we’ve done our business. Once the shingles have been removed, will be more than happy to install a batch of new ones for you in return.

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    If you’re either interested in installing a new roof or want to repair your existing one, all you have to do us use the number provided at our website or social media channels and our customer service team will be happy to discuss the types of installation options and materials that will grant you a roof that will last you a good number of decades and also do your overall budget the justice it deserves.

    ​We assure the utmost transparency between you and our roofing contractors to ensure that no stone is left unturned and no doubts come about the decision-making process. We are highly committed to providing our customers with a service that fully meets their expectations, but most of all, we are comfortable with the results of the final product. You can give us a call, or even fill out a form to get in touch with us today.